Ice Maker Repair & Service

Ice Maker Repair & Service

Have your Ice Maker repaired by Appliance Repairs Toronto

Appliance Repairs Toronto will repair & service your Ice Maker

Most icemakers are one of two types: The flex tray (square cubes made with a plastic tray) and the crescent cube icemaker. It is important to determine the type of icemaker before proceeding with diagnostics, service and repair.

Some troubleshooting tips:

No Ice:
- Freezer too warm. Must be below 17ºF before icemaker will operate.
- Icemaker timing gear broken or stripped (old style crescent cube icemaker). The flex tray icemaker also uses a timing gear (of a different type) which can strip out and cause this problem. Inspect and replace as needed.
- Water switch defective (older Whirlpool-style units).
- Icemaker module head defective (newer crescent cube icemaker). Jump T to H to activate icemaker and observe harvest cycle. Measure for 120v at the fill valve which should appear momentarily toward the end of the harvest cycle. If valve never gets the 120v, it'll never open to let water in. Replace the module (on the modular crescent cube icemakers) or the water microswitch (on the older crescent cube icemakers).
- Water inlet valve open. Test coil continuity with ohm meter.
- Water fill spout in freezer> plugged with ice, usually indicating a leaky water valve. Clear ice plug and replace valve. Install in-line filter just before valve to protect it from future damage.
- Saddle valve used to source water for the icemaker line is plugged with sediment. Test by disconnecting water line at inlet valve. If no water, and saddle valve is open, replace saddle valve.

Leaks Inside Freezer:
- Leaking ejector seal kit in outdated and inferior (GE-made) icemaker. Replace icemaker with modern crescent cube design.
- Reduce icemaker fill to reduce cube size and fill volume. Adjustment on side of module head.
- Leaking water inlet valve evidenced by frozen leak originating from fill spout and spilling over side of icemaker.

Objectionable Taste, Odor or Color in Ice Cubes:
- Install in-line water filter in icemaker water line just before the fill valve. Replace annually.

Call Appliance Repairs Toronto in Toronto, Ontario as soon as you notice a problem with your icemaker for the best repair and service!

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