Dryer Repair and Service

Dryer Repair and Service

Ensure an Effective and Efficient Dryer

Dryer repair from Appliance Repairs Toronto in Toronto, Ontario

Improperly vented dryers don't just cause frustration from not drying your laundry, but also pose a serious fire hazard. This hazard can be drastically reduced or even eliminated by installing a fire-safe venting system.

All dryers are basically a drum, a belt, a motor, and a heat source. Throw in a few switches and bells, put it in a flimsy box of sheet metal with sharp edges and now it's a dryer. For these reasons, unless you're changing between gas and electric, it almost never makes sense to buy a new dryer.

Most dryers, gas or electric, contain three different types of thermostats: the cycling thermostat which turns on and off to maintain the temperature between 125 and 165ºF, the hi-limit thermostat which temporarily cuts off the heating element in case of an overheat condition, and a non-resettable thermal fuse which, depending on the type of fuse, either permanently cuts off the heating element or shuts down the entire dryer.

Appliance Repairs Toronto is experienced in servicing and repairing all makes and models of dryers. Give us a call today to book your appointment for Toronto, Ontario

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