Miele appliances must be serviced by an authorized service technician

Appliance Repairs Toronto, in Toronto, Ontario will service and repair all of your Miele appliances

Miele Appliance Repair by Appliance Repairs Toronto

Appliance Repairs Toronto, has an extensive experience in repairing the following Miele appliances:

Miele Kitchen Appliances

Almost every household these days has top 5 appliances which are most used and most dependable, two of these appliances are placed in the kitchen (the refrigerator and the range/stove).

Miele Refrigerators

The fridge is a critical appliance in the household which keeps poultry, fish, meat, and dairy from spoiling. It also keeps fruit from aging too fast and beverages and various other foods chilled. In the past households could keep food cold with large blocks of ice, today it is as easy as opening the door and closing it right back.

Miele makes 4 types of fridges that vary in style, colour and size, all of which we are certified and licensed to repair:

Single Door Refrigerators – built-into your kitchen cabinetry, this refrigerator provides wide space which allows for storage and cooling of large quantities of food and beverage.
Single Door Freezer – Built-in freezer with or without water dispenser
Bottom Mount Fridge Freezer – designed with fresh food compartment in the upper portion of the refrigerator with freezer in the lower portion
Wine Storage Systems – provide customized storage temperatures for your favourite wines and beverages and add a touch of elegance to your home
Miele Cooking Appliances

Cooktops – A cooktop is installed on a kitchen countertop and used for heating food or cooking it from scratch. Frigidaire offers electric, induction or gas operated cooktops, all of which we are certified and licensed to repair.
Ovens – Ovens offer a true built-in appearance because the ovens are installed into surrounding cabinetry which provides a custom look

Miele Dishwashers

A Dishwasher is another indispensable appliance for households where a lot of dishes accumulate daily, in which case it is fantastic to have a machine that does the dirty job for you.
Full Size Dishwashers – Built-In Dishwashers offer a true, built-in appearance with under-the-counter installation flexibility
Slimline Dishwashers – these dishwashers are smaller in size and allow you to install it in a smaller kitchen.
Miele Laundry Appliances

In an average home, both the man and woman work full time outside of the home, therefore having a functioning laundry appliances is an absolute necessity. Such a dependency, on using laundry appliances such as washer and dryer, creates a great amount of discomfort when they go out of order. .

Our technicians proficient at repairing the following Miele laundry appliances:

Dryers – Dryers are immensely convenient as well especially in our cold Canadian climate. This technology allows us to wash 3 loads of clothes and completely dry them up in a matter of 3-4 hours tops.
Washers – washing machine is a great time and manual labour saving appliance.
We Service The Following Areas and provide one hour response time to customers between Kipling and Yonge Street and between the 401 and the Lakeshore :

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